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Christine Kim is a sustainable fashion designer based in New York City.

After working in highly technical and intense careers in consulting that wore on her health and happiness, Christine decided to change course and follow her soul’s calling to embark on a journey to pursue her creativity. This led her to design school, knitting, and ultimately to Parsons in NYC to embark on a new career in fashion design.

Since then, Christine has been dedicated to her creative and spiritual path and helping and inspiring others to get in touch with their deepest desires in life. Knitting happens to be one of those “little desires” that she discovered that she and many people have.

Christine sees knitting is a tool for tapping into the creative, joyful side of life. The rhythmic nature of knitting is highly therapeutic and can help people find peace and joy through the process of learning a new creative, tactile skill that uses their hands and by creating something they love.

Christine Kim Studio was created to help you tap into your creativity by teaching you to knit from the absolute beginner level. Christine’s mission is to help you find joy and flow by engaging you in creative projects and helping you unleash your creativity by giving you the skills for designing your own designs.

Christine has already helped over a hundred thousand people learn to knit through her videos and is now creating different programs to teach people knitting skills at a more comprehensive level. Her goal is to make these classes fun and easy, but to also challenge you to higher levels of skill and creativity.

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