Knitting Techniques

by Christine

Casting On Your Knitting – The Long Tail Cast On Method

The first step to beginning any knitting project is to create your first row of stitches on your knitting needles. This is called “casting on” or “to cast on stitches.” Even if you’re a brand new knitter, you can start your very first project by casting on stitches onto your knitting needles.

This particular method is called the long tail cast on method, and is the quickest and easiest method I’ve found to cast on your knitting that doesn’t require you to create a slip knot to start your project.

How to Hold Your Yarn & The Knit Stitch

Once you have your first row of stitches on your knitting needles, the next step is to know how to hold the yarn so that you can control the tension of the yarn as you’re knitting. This is a bit tricky to learn and takes some practice, but you can try out this method that gives you great control as you knit.

This video will also show you the most important stitch you need to learn when you learn how to knit – the knit stitch. You can find it referenced in patterns with the letter (k). It is the foundation of all knitting. Once you know the knit stitch, you’ll be able to knit your very first scarf!

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